Parking and traffic management systems

• for signs showing available spaces
• for customisable lines of text
• for urban information boards

All ADITECH displays for parking and traffic management systems have been specially developed for exterior usage. Our range extends from multi-digit displays for available parking spaces as well as lines of text up to 30 characters to information boards capable of displaying graphics. Depending on the speed of passing traffic, font sizes from 12.5 cm to 23cm are available. We ensure perfect readability in sunlight as well as in darkness as well as functionality without additional heating at extremely low temperatures.
The LCD modules are fitted with economical LED backlighting and have a life span of over 10 years.

Advantages of ADITECH-LCD

• The luminance density of 2200cd/m² is higher than standard requirements (typically 1500cd/m²).
• We use especially flat and highly efficient Edgelite LED backlighting, which leads to maximum performance with minimal energy usage.
• Including cooling element, the module is only 13mm thick.
• Owing to the high expectation with regard to life span, the drivers are built in with ADITECH's Flip Chip on Glass technology.
• In order to minimise wiring and the number of contacts as well as outside measurements, all drivers are placed at one glass edge.
• All metal elements are made from aluminium and, therefore, corrosion resistant.
• The characters are fluorescent yellow and reinforce incident light by day and by night.
• The background colour is always black to create an optimal contrast in all lighting conditions