Passenger Information Systems

• for public transport stops (bus, tram, urban railway and underground)
• for train destination displays
• for departure / overview displays for railway stations
• for solar column

• for internal displays in public transport vehicles
• for exterior destination displays

In the domain of passenger information, ADITECH has a comprehensive range of LCD display units. Whether as ready-to-install complete solutions, including lighting unit and control module, or as individual modules that can be cascaded within large-scale overview displays, thanks to a maximum degree of vertical integration, we are able to offer you flexible and client-specific solutions.

Advantages of ADITECH-LCD

• Best readability even in bright light and at close range
• The highest image resolution in matrix displays (2x2mm), high image resolution for the same display area is possible at no extra cost.
• No problems with screen burn, pixel brightness stays the same
• Segments can be freely designed, LCD script and symbols can easily be displayed
• No energy usage (LCD is a passive light valve)
• long life, LCDs are up to 100% free from wear and tear
• highly readable in sunlight, as the active segments reflect sunlight

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