• for departure displays for railway/public transport
• for route maps and network plans
• for compartment locators
• for signposting systems (railway stations / public buildings / congress centres / etc.)
• for infotainment / advertising displays
• for ticket machines

• for route displays in public transport vehicles
• for infotainment in vehicles
• for advertising
• for transfer information

Bespoke TFT displays
ADITECH TFT displays are eminently suitable for all usages in which standard screens aren't satisfactory with regard to size, brightness, readability or environmental requirements. We offer bespoke TFT displays for interior or exterior placement, stationary or mobile use, as an individual sample or in bulk.

Tell us your requirements and we will develop an individual solution for you - perfectly tailored for your intended purpose.

We refine TFT screens from leading manufacturers with regard to:
• Size     • Backlighting     • Readability     • Mechanics     • Thermal management     • Selection

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