Data protection

Use of our site is possible without disclosing personal information. However, different policies may apply for the use of some of our services, which will be explained separately below. We will make use of your personal information (e.g. name, address, email, telephone number, and the like) in strict accordance with German data protection laws. Personal data are 'personal' if they refer unambiguously to a specific natural person. The legal bases for data protection can be found in the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) and the German Act for Telemedia Services (Telemediengesetz, TMG). The policies below provide information about the manner, scope and purpose of the data collection, their use and processing of personal data by the provider:

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Please note that data transfer via the internet entails certain security gaps. It is impossible to guarantee complete protection from third parties accessing some data.


We use cookies in order to recognise repeated use of our site by the same user/owner of the internet connection. Cookies are small text files, which your internet browser stores and saves on your computer. They serve to optimise the functionality of our website. Most of the time these are "session cookies", which are automatically deleted at the end of your visit.
Sometimes, though, these cookies provide information, in order to recognise you again automatically. Cookies save IP addresses and can, therefore, recognise users. Information gained in this way serve to optimise our site and to provide you with easier access to our site.
You are able to prevent installation of cookies on your browser (in 'Preferences'), but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in that case you won't  experience our website's full functionality.


 Server data

Due to technical reasons the following data (so-called server log files), which are transmitted to us or our webspace provider by your internet browser, are saved:

These anonymous data are saved separately from the personal data which you may submit and do not enable any identification of specific people. They are analysed statistically in order to allow us to optimise our website.


Contacting us
We offer the opportunity on our site to get in touch with use via email and/or a contact form. In this case the information provided by the user will be saved in order to process his/her request. The date is not shared with third parties. Data thus gathered is also not compared with data potentially collected in another component of our site.


Incorporation of Third Party Services and Contents

It is possible that our website includes third party content, for example YouTube videos, maps provided by Google Maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics from other websites. This requires that the providers of this content (hereafter called "Third Party Providers") are able to detect the user's IP address. Without an IP address, they cannot send their content to the user's browser. This means that in order for content to be displayed, the IP address must be available. We make every effort only to use content by providers, which use IP addresses solely for the purposes of sending content. However, we have no control over Third Party Providers potentially saving IP addresses for statistical purposes. If this practice is known to us, we will inform the user.


According to the Federal Data Protection act, you can contact us free of charge if you have queries regarding collection, processing and usage of your personal data or rectification, blocking, deletion or cancellation of informed consent previously granted. Please note that you are entitled to rectification of incorrect information or deletion of personal information unless we are obliged by law to retain that information.

Sample privacy policy (law frim Weiß & Partner)