Bespoke solutions

Instruments for construction machines and heavy vehicles
With over 20 years experience in creating client-specific solutions for construction machines, automobiles, locomotives as well as medical equipment, we also produce LCD modules for extreme requirements:
• Extreme lighting conditions - darkness, direct sunlight, glare
• Large temperature ranges from -40 to +80°C
• High levels of mechanical strain - shock, vibration, impact and scratch resistance
• Unusual measurements - from a few square centimetres to 70“
• High use and read-out comfort - specific shapes, colours, contrast intensification, surface protection, touch panels

Bespoke solutions
• for lift displays
• for electronic timetables (cholesteric LCD displays)
• Client-specific surface lighting, e.g. for clock faces, static signage, etc.
• and much more ...

We are at your side from the inception of an idea through to start of production:
Consulting - draft - prototyping - qualification - pilot series - series release - production

Thanks to our comprehensive know-how,  high level of vertical integration, own electronics development, electrical workshop and inherent innovative drive, ADITECH is your partner for the ideas of tomorrow.
Get in touch - we look forward to your business!